Prompts 2017

Sarah Morris at Espoo Museum of Modern Art EMMA. Photo: fictivestina
Sarah Morris at Espoo Museum of Modern Art EMMA. Photo: fictivestina
Prompts and flash fiction – 2017
1. Penguin Random House – The Writers’ Academy
Prompt Competition 2017 (115 characters)

Genre: Sci-fi

“Mandatory government lottery – I won a ticket to a space colony on Mars. What would my probation officer say?”

2. Gotham Writers
#GWstorieseverywhere (140 characters on Twitter / max. 25 words and 280 characters after Twitter policy update): Monthly contest

August: The last straw
“In a world with perpetual rain and flooding streets, coming across a floating rubber duck seems like a twisted thing. #GWstorieseverywhere”

October: Risk
“I let the dog out. A year later, he returned smelling of whiskey and cigars. He was barking in a foreign tongue. #GWstorieseverywhere”

November: The invitation
Monthly winner: “Stained, greasy envelope, half a stamp left. Moments of time travel. I was invited to my grandparents’ wedding in 1937. #GWstorieseverywhere”

December: Nightmare
“Aune did not age past 25. She dreaded her birthdays, the song of ‘25 forever’ would not stop. It was her Groundhog Day. #GWstorieseverywhere”

A Very Short Story Contest 2017 (max. 10 words): Open topic

“The human disappeared. Abandonment. Stinging heart pain for the dog.”

Future First Line Contest 2017 (max. 27 words): 2071

“She was talking without sound. I moved my index finger along my temple and pushed the volume button. I heard her say she had met someone.”

Stay tuned, more will follow!

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