Story time: Writing with a hashtag

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
~Ernest Hemingway

For us amateur writers, finding time to sit down and hit the keyboard demands serious efforts. It does not happen easily. There is the schedule issue, timing usually also sucks.

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Story time: Extending one’s comfort zone in writing

2017 has been a year of writing and getting out of my comfort zone. Well, this blog business started last year already, but let me tell you, this year I found the bliss of writing competitions.

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Story time: Revealing the Gravatar image

moi, haudi, morjens, tseenare!

You might be wondering what the nonsense above might be, but no worries! The words in question are both common and less common greetings in Helsinki slang, an almost forgotten lingua nordica very much in use in the 1950’s. But now I am procrastinating. The topic for today is not Helsinki slang – although highly tempting as such – but something else completely.

It has been very busy lately, the days have flown by way too fast. So I thought of postponing the upcoming book review until next week, so instead here comes a revelation on the image in my WordPress Gravatar. I also wish to pay a tribute to the first official day of summer. It might be less than 10 Celsius degrees outside, but nonetheless it says “summer” in my calendar, so I am going with that. Any more questions?

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Story time: Once Upon a Time in Africa

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
~J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Getting Away With Nothing

This is a story on a brief moment in my life when I found absolute coolness and got away with something. Read on!

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Story time: Päiväpurjehduksella 1923

Aluksi katsoin valkeaa maalauspaperin pintaa, ajatukset pysähtyivät. Ei tullut mitään mieleen. Tarkoitukseni oli maalata talvisempi tunnelma valoineen ja piparkakku-ukkoineen, jotka leikkivät kynttilän ympärillä eloon heränneinä.

Kaunis taustamusiikki taustoitti rauhallista tunnelmaa. Musiikki vaikutti unenomaiseen hetkeen, joka teokseen lopulta valikoitui. 

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