Story time: Once Upon a Time in Africa

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
~J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Getting Away With Nothing

This is a story on a brief moment in my life when I found absolute coolness and got away with something. Read on!

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Story time: Päiväpurjehduksella 1923

Aluksi katsoin valkeaa maalauspaperin pintaa, ajatukset pysähtyivät. Ei tullut mitään mieleen. Tarkoitukseni oli maalata talvisempi tunnelma valoineen ja piparkakku-ukkoineen, jotka leikkivät kynttilän ympärillä eloon heränneinä.

Kaunis taustamusiikki taustoitti rauhallista tunnelmaa. Musiikki vaikutti unenomaiseen hetkeen, joka teokseen lopulta valikoitui. 

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Music year of 2016

Say No To Pop! Painting and photo: fiktiivinenstina
Say No To Pop! Painting and photo: fictivestina
Can You Feel It?

This is actually not a trick question but the title of one of my favorite songs I’ve been listening to in the past few years. The song has enough funk about it and it brings back great memories from Kenya. I remember I was driving through the city center of Nairobi with a friend of mine a few years ago and we were listening to Next Stop … Soweto Vol. 2: Soultown. R&B, Funk & Psych Sounds From The Townships 1969-1976.

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