Poll: Your favorite work of fiction of all time

Dear all,

I hope you’re enjoying the fall time wherever you’re located. For this geographical location, winter is coming any minute now.

Now that I’ve been blogging for almost a week, I’d love to hear back from you. As a fan of fiction I’d be interested hearing about your reading experience.

Kangasala in August 2016. Photo: fiktiivinenstina
Kangasala in August 2016. Photo: fictivestina

So, let’s kick off November with a poll. Let me know what is your favorite work of fiction of all time. “Favorite” could be in terms of good, exciting, scary, memorable or other lasting feeling the reading left on you. The work can be a novel, short story, collection of stories or a poetry. The only requirement is that is has to be fiction. I’m happy to do a second poll on non-fiction but let’s stick to fiction this time, my friend 🙂

To make things a bit more interesting, I’ve added three items to the poll from the site The Greatest Books that features a list of over 1000 works of greatest fiction. The added works mark the Top 3 items on the site’s listing. You can also vote for those if they happen to be your favorites. The poll is open until the end of the year. I’ll pick one new book to read based on your suggestions, and review it next year.

Thanks and enjoy the start of November!



Author: fictivestina

Hey, I'm a native Helsinkian but a cosmopolitan at heart :) Outdoors, reading, writing and cultural attractions are my passion. Hiking in Lapland cannot be competed with!

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