Yay, my first post!


“There is no page. There is only the idea of a page”
~WordPress Essential Training at LinkedIn

Hi all,

this is my very first post. I’ve been prejudiced about starting a blog, but the interest to develop my technical skills got the better of me, so here we go. What I’ll mainly focus on is literature and culture. I’ll be doing reviews on books that I’ve read and keep you posted on the exhibitions and museums I visit as well. At times there might be room for story times.

Check out the listing of all the exhibitions, museums, plays and concerts that I’ve visited in 2016 (in Finnish).

Welcome and feel free to leave a comment and give feedback!

Take care,

PS. Check out the article The lifelong benefits of reading at the World Economic Forum website.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde


Author: fictivestina

Hey, I'm a native Helsinkian but a cosmopolitan at heart :) Outdoors, reading, writing and cultural attractions are my passion. Hiking in Lapland cannot be competed with!

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